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Direct Mail Magnet

- A combine with postcard and business card magnet.

- The business card magnet adhered to the postcard while being mailed. It is very easy to remove the magnet and post card due to the gel is one and only one time adhesive. When you remove the magnet, then you never adhere on the card again unless using gel.

- Postcard can show lots of information about your company. The magnet can be used to advertise your business in a high-traffic location like lockers, refrigerators, file cabinets, etc. Remember, anything else will just get thrown away. This simple idea has been shown to increase customer response rate by 50%.

- same postage rate for Hong Kong Post Circular Service.

- size of the card: 140 x 210mm

- size of the magnet: 90 x 54mm (can be die cut)